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Better Prompts. Quicker Results.

PromptBetter makes OpenAI API prompt management easy. Use a simple interface to create, test, and change prompts with A/B testing and quick conversion tracking. Know how many users engage with your AI, how they use it, and if they're happy with our detailed feedback and insights.

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Problems We Solve

Stop losing control over how your OpenAI models are accessed and utilized. Move away from a chaotic process with PromptBetter.

  • TransparencyDive deep into your production environment. See how and by whom the OpenAI API is being used.
  • Easy ManagementSay goodbye to hardcoded prompts. Store and modify prompts using a friendly UI, accessible even to non-developers.
  • Optimized PromptsEnhance your prompts on the fly with our state-of-the-art A/B testing. No more guessing – just data-driven decisions
  • Track ConversionsUnderstand when a user acts on a result provided by the OpenAI API, giving you better insight into user behavior.
  • Instant FeedbackGet immediate thumbs-up or thumbs-down feedback from your users on any prompt, refining your approach effortlessly.


Manage Prompts in UI

Say goodbye to the bottleneck of developer-only changes. With our user-friendly interface, any member of your team can easily edit, update, and optimize prompts without touching a line of code.

"Thanks to PromptBetter, I don't have to write every prompt. My colleagues can handle it without my intervention!"
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In-depth Insight with Comprehensive Logs

Dive deep into the usage patterns of your OpenAI API. Our logs offer transparent access to every request, enabling better understanding, debugging, and improved decision-making.

"With PromptBetter's comprehensive logs, I've gained unparalleled insight into our users' behaviors. It's been a game-changer!"
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Simple Integration

Experience a frictionless integration process. Each prompt in our platform generates a dedicated URL. To activate it, just send a POST request with your specific data. With developers at the forefront of our design, interacting with OpenAI has never been more efficient.

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A/B Testing for Prompts

Struggling between two prompt versions? Craft variations, make the necessary tweaks, and set your preferences. We handle the rest, ensuring each version reaches your audience equally, helping you identify the most effective version with real user data.

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Effortless Conversion Tracking

With each request, we offer a conversion URL along with the OpenAI response. Whenever a user acts on an OpenAI output within your service or application, a simple POST request to this URL logs the conversion. Monitor your prompt's effectiveness in real-time with this tool.

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Receive User Feedback

Every request is paired with a feedback URL. Your users can quickly weigh in on the OpenAI output through this channel, giving a thumbs up for positive responses and thumbs down for negatives. This live feedback mechanism helps you measure user satisfaction and understand their preferences immediately.

Pricing and Plans

Discover the Future of Prompt Management Today - For Free

PromptBetter is almost ready for its highly anticipated official release - and so are our plans catered to your individual needs. Until then? PromptBetter is completely free. Register for early access and be among the first to experience what it's like to unlock the full potential of your AI interactions (we won't even ask for your credit card details).

So? What are you waiting for? Join the revolution! Today.


What is PromptBetter?

PromptBetter is your one-stop solution for leveraging the OpenAI API with enhanced functionality, built by developers who understand your needs. Optimize your prompts, get deeper insights, and ensure every decision is backed by solid data. Join the PromptBetter revolution today and elevate your OpenAI API game!

Can non-developers use PromptBetter?

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of PromptBetter is its intuitive UI, allowing non-developers to manage and optimize prompts effortlessly. While built by developers, it's designed for everyone in your team.

Can I use my OpenAI API Key to use PromptBetter?

In order for you to completely focus on delving into PromptBetter's features and exploring their full potential, we have decided to remove individual OpenAI API Keys during the early access period. Once the early access period is over, you will need your individual Key to use PromptBetter. Please note that securing and maintaining the confidentiality of your OpenAI API key is crucial for your security and privacy.

How complicated is the integration process?

It's a breeze! Integrating the PromptBetter API requires just a simple POST request. Our documentation provides step-by-step guidance, and our dedicated support team is always ready to help you out.

Why would I pay more for PromptBetter when I can use OpenAI directly?

With PromptBetter, you're not just accessing the OpenAI API but getting a suite of value-added tools. You'll benefit from advanced UI, innovative A/B testing, instant user feedback, and robust analytics. Our pricing is based on usage, meaning you start small and only pay more as you scale. It's an investment in efficiency and optimization.